Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge FAQ

What is the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge?

The Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge is about school communities and student bodies joining together to try and get the most people outside and active. The Outdoor Foundation's signature program, Outdoor Nation has selected nearly 90 colleges/universities across the US to engage in the 2016 Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge, kicking off Sept 4th and running through October 15th.

The school that gets the most people outdoors and documenting those experiences on www.oncampuschallenge.org during the six-week period will win the National Outdoor Championship. Other prizes include title of Outsider of the Year, Most Outdoorsy Person on each participating campus Beyond the Challenge grants as well as great prizes, epic gear and more. Contest Core will be the platform that allows Outdoor Nation to track, validate, reward and recognize participation.

Who is Outdoor Nation?

Outdoor Nation represents the largest and most active community of young people driving outdoor participation and recreation. Behind its success are thousands of college students spearheading efforts across the country.

What schools are participating in the 2016 Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge?

For a full list of the participating schools, click HERE.

How can I be part of the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge?

Anyone who is a U.S. resident is welcome to participate in the Challenge. Simply visit www.oncampuschallenge.org and create an account, select the school you are supporting and log your outdoor activities.

Do I have to be a student at one of the competing schools to participate?

No! Students, faculty, staff, alumni and any U.S. resident located around the world can log-in to the Challenge website and choose to make their activities count for anyone of the schools participating.

Who supports the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge?

The Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge is a program of The Outdoor Foundation/Outdoor Nation. To see the full list of partners and supports, click HERE.

What counts as an outdoor activity?

Outdoor activities are considered nature-based activities where an individual actually engages in the outdoors with the outdoor element being the focus of the activity. Eligible activities include: adventure racing, backpacking, biking, bird-watching/wildlife-watching, camping, caving, climbing, fishing/hunting, gardening (chores don't count!), hammocking, hiking, KEEN live monumental film screening, outdoor clinics/trainings/events, outdoor games (frisbee/horseshoes/etc., paddling, restoration and trail maintenance, running/jogging, skateboarding, slacklining, snow-sports, stargazing, walking - fun and fitness, water activities (outdoor), yoga (outdoor).

Traditional team sports are not eligible. Each activity must take place for a minimum of 30 minutes and have occurred between Sept. 4 and October 15, 2016.

When do I log my outdoor activities?

Outdoor activities should be logged between Sept. 4 and October 15, 2016.

How do I log an outdoor activity?

On you are logged into the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge website (computer or mobile), click on the ENTER link and follow the steps on the submission form. You must include a brief description along with a photo for your activity to earn points.

How do I share my logged outdoor activities?

Once you submit your outdoor activity, you will be taken a THANK YOU page with Facebook and Twitter share buttons. Be sure to use #outdoornation in every share and that your Facebook post is set to 'Public' to be entered into the weekly sweepstakes.

Do all activities have the same point value or do they have different values?

Activities are weighted depending on the type of activity. To see the point value of each activity, CLICK HERE.

How do I accumulate points in the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge?

Every time an activity is logged, the user accumulates points. Activities are weighted depending on the type of activity. To see the point value of each activity, CLICK HERE.

I'm going camping for a long weekend, how does that count?

You can log up to 5 activities per day, so each activity you participated in for at least 30 minutes could be entered. For example, for one day you could log cooking and eating your food, going for a hike, canoeing, gazing at the stars and sleeping under the sky!

I'm not athletic, what activities can I do?

Not all outdoor activities have to be athletic in nature! You can go for a walk, bird-watching/wildlife-watching, fishing, take photographs of the outdoors, go for a boat ride, tend your garden, do yoga outdoors or gaze at the stars - the possibilities are endless!

What if I bike for 2 hours vs. spending all day outside?

An activity is considered something you've spent doing for a MINIMUM of 30 minutes. If you go on a 2 hour bike ride, that counts as one activity. If you bike for an hour in the morning and another hour in the afternoon, that counts as two activities.

Is there a max number of activities I can log per day? Is there a max number of shares per day?

Yes, you may log up to 5 activities per day and share using #outdoornation up to 5 times per day on Facebook and Twitter.

How do I enter the weekly sweepstakes?

Every time you log an outdoor activity, up to 5 times a day, and/or share that outdoor activity through Facebook and Twitter, up to 5 times a day on each social network, you are entered into the sweepstakes.

How do I get my college or university involved in the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge?

Email info@outdoorfoundation.org for more information on how to get involved in next year's ON Campus Challenge. Application materials will be released in spring 2017.

Can colleges and universities outside of the U.S. participate?

Not at this time.

Does a school have to participate in the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge as an entire campus or can segments of the campus just participate (i.e. Residence Halls)?

The goal of the challenge is for massive participation across campuses therefore the entire college/university campus must be involved and support the challenge.