Hi Outdoor Nation Friends and Partners,

We are excited to provide an update and announcement about the future of the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge.

With support from the Outdoor Foundation, the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education, AORE, will assume ownership of the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge starting this fall and will work alongside Outdoor Nation staff to seamlessly transition all of the program’s resources and awesomeness.

I feel confident that this partnership between Outdoor Nation and AORE will continue the success of the Campus Challenge. With AORE now in the lead, colleges and universities across the country will continue to spark and grow an outdoor culture on their campuses and inspire an outdoor lifestyle among students, faculty, staff and their surrounding communities.

AORE’s mission and proven track record working in the field of outdoor recreation makes them the perfect partner to lead the Campus Challenge. Over the last five years, Outdoor Nation has sparked a connection to the outdoors with thousands of college students and I am excited to see how AORE will grow and evolve the program.

You might be asking yourself about timing - with many outdoor programs having already launched their fall and winter programming schedules for 2018 and spring 2019, Outdoor Nation and AORE will use the remainder of 2018 to reach out to schools and potential Challenge sponsors. This is to provide past and future challenge participants all the resources needed for successful engagements on their campuses in 2019.

Registration for the 2019 Campus Challenge will open in early January. Stay tuned for more information.

Thanks again for helping make the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge a force for getting young people outside and I, like you, can’t wait to see what the future holds.


Ivan and the Outdoor Foundation/Nation Team
Ivan Levin
Deputy Director